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In 2007, established on the purpose of contribute to urban life what is developping and growing day by day, Butkon Asansör , provides the production of Elevator Car Operating Panel (COP) & Landing Operating Panel (LOP) and the emergency call systems. Butkon Asansör, offers of service and goods for its business partnerships with a staff of 120 people consisting of engineers and experts by taking adventage of productivity of technology after determining to needs of the urban mobility with collective work. Butkon that makes development and innovation continuous by way of AR-GE works, offers the suppleness and customization which business partners need.


Our vision is to be a pioneer in the sector by closely following the continuously developing technologies with reliable, innovative, quality service and AR-GE studies in our structure.


Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers more than in line with our values, goals and strategies, to evaluate their needs and expectations in the best way and to provide the most appropriate solutions and suggestions as soon as possible. Being aware of ethical values and social responsibility, to produce in accordance with world standards.

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